Presentations and Authors

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Talks: Platform Independence

SuperCollider and crossplatform issues Abstract
Marije Baalman

Talks: Interactive Control

The SenseWorld DataNetwork Abstract
Marije Baalman
Talk: SC Mapping Library Abstract
Tom Tlalim

Talks: Language and Server Development

A Practical Guide to Patterns Abstract
James Harkins
Time-points and Pitch clocks: SuperCollider tools for composition Abstract
Tom Hall


Singularity Abstract
Mark Ballora
Sanction of the Victim Abstract
Joseph Anthony Mariglio
Angry Sparrow Abstract
Chikashi Miyama
data structures/monoliths ii (for chion) Abstract
Sam Pluta
Livecode performance Abstract
Marije Baalman
noPia oConcert no. 51g Abstract
Nick Collins
A/W 2008 Abstract
Luc Döbereiner, Yota Morimoto
Improvising with SuperCollider: explorations in embedded instrumental instability Abstract
Jonathan Zorn
Sangha Flower Abstract
James Harkins
Gotlandic Miscellanea Abstract
Scott David Wilson
Perforated Abstract
Jan Trutzschler von Falkenstein
Broken Allegory Abstract
Scott David Wilson
PERFORMANCE: Impulse-Stretch-Feedback-Resonance Abstract
Tom Tlalim


massradiocoding Abstract
Dan Stowell

Talks: specific compositions

data structures/monoliths ii (for chion) - live video editing with SuperCollider and Quartz Composer Abstract
Sam Pluta
Making Call Notes Abstract
Daniel St. Clair
TALK: Concerning Time We Remain Divided - a GIS - based sound installation Abstract
Tom Tlalim
On the Flexibility of SuperCollider for the Performing Arts Abstract
vincent rioux

Neural Networks and Machine Learning

Neural Networks for Interaction and Sound Design Abstract
Chris Kiefer
Machine Learning panel Abstract
Jan Trutzschler von Falkenstein, Dan Stowell, Tom Tlalim, Nick Collins

Applications in SC

Tugba Tatli
The BEASTmulch Application, Toolkit, and Library Abstract
Scott David Wilson
TeaTracks - A Multitrack Sequencer Abstract
Jan Trutzschler von Falkenstein

Timbral Analysis

Realtime Tracking Phase Vocoder UGens Abstract
Nick Collins
Cyber-beatboxing and machine listening Abstract
Dan Stowell